Our Ventures
Every year there is a tremendous growth record for Ayurveda and to meet the demands only few sectors are concentrated. Ayurveda is limited to few areas and practiced because its unavailability at one place.
Vedam group aiming to reach the common people for their health needs through its well established multispecialty hospital, Pharmacy, equipments, treatment accessories and training institutions to meet the future demand.
We believe practicing classical way sticking to the rules and regulation of the science, maintaining its quality and standards to spread the essence of Ayurveda world wide.
We help the interested to start a franchise of ours anywhere, in which we will input all the necessary plans to start afresh a new Vedam under our guidance. Here we will provide you with setting up of vedam, marketing, medicines, therapists, doctors, treatment equipments etc....as when required. You can opt for the suitable franchise modules according to the budget.