Ayurveda treatment for Tonsillitis (Tundikeri)
Getting tonsilectomy done? Wait ….........ayurveda will help you for safe and permenent cure
Tonsillitis is a commonest disease of pharynx affecting children and adults. It is rare in infants and after the age of 50 years. Disease leads to chronisity due to incomplete treatment or resistance of organisms to antibiotics. This leads to complications like fever, R.H.D. nephritis. Etc. because of recurrent attacks patient looses immunity and become headache.
In Ayurveda we get sufficient references about “Tundikeri” which can be compared with ‘Tonsillitis” and the treatment is based on doshic predominance, signs and symptoms.
Since kshara by application subsides, kapha dosha and does chedana, bhedhana and cures Tundikeri, hence pratisaraneeya kshara is being adopted for treating effectively the chronic tonsillitis.
Kshara therapy has many advantages over conventional surgery.
  • No hospitalization simple O.P.D. procedure
  • Less pain
  • No operative or post operative bleeding
  • Only local Anesthesia
  • Economical
  • Encouraging results
  • Retains original property of Tonsil gland.