Best Piles Treatment in Bangalore

By Vedam Ayurveda

Best Piles Treatment In Bangalore at Vedam Ayurveda

Pile or fistula in ano is caused due to rigorous constipation, regular diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, and straining when passing a stool. Vedam Ayurveda offers the best treatment for piles. Here we offer various ranges of fistula ayurvedic treatment and recommend patients undergo the treatment as per the nature and severity of their condition.

Options For Anus Fistula Ayurvedic Treatment

Medication, or Bhaishajya Chikitsa:

The major pile's conditions are treated with this medication. Adapting the lifestyle recommended by the best piles doctor in Bangalore helps a lot in treating the piles. The changes in daily routine and diet plan help prevent consistent constipation which ultimately helps in relaxing the veins in the anus.

Surgical intervention, or sastra Chikitsa:

The best piles treatment in Bangalore, Kshara sutra allows patients to heal fastly and effectively. Kshara sutra uses a unique medicated line to tie the hemorrhoid off at the base. This blocks the blood supply to the vein, letting the piles shrink while waiting 7-10 days on their own. It is an invasive approach that should be considered in case other fistula ayurvedic treatments are not working.

Cauterization, or Agni karma:

Outer piles can be cauterized generating infrared heat in the affected area. The best piles doctor in Bangalore is adept at burning off hemorrhoids. Cauterization may cause some pain and side effects thus you must consult your doctor before undergoing this treatment.

Piles Laser Treatment Cost In Bangalore

Piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore starts from Rs. 30000 to 60000, where the exact amount of your treatment will depend upon your individual factors.

This piles laser treatment cost in Bangalore ranges as follows:

  • Starting price is ₹ 50,000
  • Average cost is ₹ 60,000
  • Maximum price is ₹ 80,000

Ayurvedic Management of Fistula In Ano

Fistula in ano is considered to be complicated and vicious due to its nature of recurrences and exacerbations. Ayurveda includes this disease under the list of AstaMahagada. Anus fistula ayurvedic treatment offers various effective and safe management of fistula in ano.
Fistula in ano is a common surgical anorectal anomaly; it is notorious due to its chronicity, recurrences, and frequent exacerbations

The Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Fissure Characterized By the Following Diseases:

  • Ayurvedic treatment for fissures includes one or more external openings in the perianal region with an apparent internal opening anywhere in the anorectal mucosa.
  • Pus discharge associated with mild to severe pain will be the presenting feature.The majority of fissure surgery in Ayurveda cases will be having recurrent formation of abscess with spontaneous decompression.
  • The goal of the anus fistula ayurvedic treatment helps to eliminate the primary fistula opening, any associated tracts, or any secondary openings without changing incontinence.
  • The simplest fistula in ano ayurvedic treatment is done using fistulotomy with a high rate of recurrences and other morbidities. Complex fistula management poses an increased risk of change incontinence and higher chances of recurrences.
  • Resume normal routine in 48 hours
  • No recurrence / re-appearance

Interventions For Fistula In Ano: Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Fissure

  • Ayurveda describes the preventive and curative aspects of the treatment of Bhagandara.
  • Prevention of suppuration of abscesses and recurrent formation are explicitly described under best ayurvedic treatment for fissure.
  • Nidanaparivarjana (avoidance of etiological factors) and various conservative procedures are mentioned for this. On failure of medical management, various fissure surgery in Ayurveda and para surgical procedures are to be done to treat the condition.
  • Susrutha has described explicitly the surgical procedure to be undertaken for each type of Bhagandara.
  • The track after probing has to be “laid open,” and the internal opening identified is cut by the knife; or else, Agnikarma (type of para surgical procedure in which thermal cauterization of tissue or body part is done akin to moxibustion) or Kshara (caustics) should be applied. This is the general fissure surgery in the Ayurveda procedure for all types of Bhagandara.

Why Laser Treatment Is The Best Treatment For Fissure?

  • < 30 minute laser procedure
  • < 1 cm cut / incision
  • Minimal Infection Risk
  • Day procedure / 24 hours hospitalization
  • Resume normal routine in 48 hours
  • No recurrence / re-appearance

Why choose Vedam Health Fissure Surgery In Ayurveda?

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  • High Quality with the Best Doctors and Technology
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Effect Of Fistula In Ano Ayurvedic Treatment

In Ayurveda, a fissure in ano is described by the term parikartika. Fissure-in-ano has become the most common and painful condition in anorectal disease. Parikartika occurs on account of a complication of virechana. It also occurs due to trauma by a nozzle of an enema.

It is a symptom seen in vataja atisara and it signifies the role of hard stool trauma in the genesis of fissures in ano. It also occurs as a complication of basti procedure. Fissure Surgery in Ayurveda is done for the conditions in which two mechanisms play an important role – trauma caused by hard stool and narrow passage and fragility of the anal canal.


  • Anal infection theory – due to crypto glandular infection
  • Tearing of anal valves – hard stool trauma
  • Loss of elasticity – infection and fibrosis
  • Laxative abuse – fibrosis in anal canal
  • Iatrogenic – incorrectly performed surgical procedures
  • Straining during parturition

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Fissure- Clinical Features:

  • Pain – persists for hours after defecation
  • Two patterns – starts after defecation and starts during defecation
  • Bleeding – acute fissure

Constipation As A Sequel (Laxative Abuse)

Reflex symptoms – dysuria, dysmenorrhoea

Fistula ayurvedic treatment includes a physical examination and inspection of the anterior and posterior aspects of the anal canal by gentle stretching. It is better not to perform per rectal digital examination in an acute fissure in ano. Inspection of the fissure in ano Chronic fissure in ano is characterized by the presence of a large fibrosed ulcer along with a sentinel tag at the outer end of the skin and a hypertrophied anal papilla in the inner aspect covered by mucosa.

Fistula In Ano Ayurvedic Treatment

It is an ambulatory, OPD procedure that is a good alternative to surgical management.

The benefits of ksharsutra ligation include:

  • No need to get admitted in hospital
  • No post-operative bleeding as the wound is secured from all sides
  • Minimal pain on account of release of sphincter spasm
  • Minimal medicines are required and local treatment is sufficient
  • Resume of duties at the earliest
  • Cost effective procedure
  • No untoward effects were noted and quality of life improved.


1. What is the most suitable treatment for Piles?

As per today’s scenario, Laser surgery is considered the best treatment for piles. This surgery is most suitable, works fast, and helps in curing piles within just 3 days. This is a daycare surgical procedure under which the affected area is treated with laser energy carefully and specifically without giving pain or discomfort to the patient. Also, laser treatment cost in Bangalore are very reasonable and one can undergo this treatment easily.
Laser treatment for piles is most suitable because:

  • There is no need to do stitches
  • It is a 30 Min Procedure | 1 Day Hospitalization
  • One can go back to work within just 2 days

2. What are the piles' symptoms?

Piles are Piles' or ‘Hemorrhoids’ are blood vessels within the walls of the rectum and anal canal. Pile symptoms are felt when these blood vessels swell and the tissue above them gets stretched ultimately. This way a sac-like structure is created around or inside the anus that gets further strained during our bowel movement, thereby driving pain and discomfort for which you must consult the best piles doctor in Bangalore.
Major Symptoms of Piles are:

  • Blood while passing Stools
  • Itching
  • Painful hard lump in the rectum
  • Swelling in the anal region
  • Feeling like you still need to poop after going to the toilet
  • Mucus in your underwear or on toilet paper after wiping your bottom
  • pain around your anus

3. How do you treat Piles?

Bhagandhara or anus fistula ayurvedic treatment involves various procedures depending on the type and path of the tract. With the help of the fistula ayurvedic treatment, the healing is more rapid and less painful, and also the chances of reoccurrence are very low.
The treatment modalities comprise panchakarma, kshara Sutra, kshara karma, and agni karma external therapies, internal medications, Activities, Advice on food and lifestyle changes.

  • Panchakarma
    Mrudu Virechana and Basti
  • Kshara-sutra
    In this procedure the tract is probed and the kshara sutra (alkaline thread) is passed through it and changed at regular intervals until the healing is complete
  • Application of Kshara
    Application of medicine (alkaline in nature) derived from a combination of various herbs
  • Agnikarma
    Thermal cautery

Internal Medication
A blend of useful herbs that works on the following principles is recommended

  • Balance the Doshas
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve dietary habits
  • Externally – Medicated Sitz bath

4. What Type of Foods should be Avoided during Piles?

The best treatment for hemorrhoids will be effective if you avoid the following food during piles:

  • Cheese
  • Chips
  • Fast Food
  • Ice Cream
  • Meat
  • prepared foods, such as some frozen and snack foods
  • processed foods, such as hot dogs and some microwavable dinners
  • Deep-fried and processed food items
  • Spicy food
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy Products
  • Unripe Fruits
  • Refined Grains
  • High-salted Foods
  • Iron supplements and some other medicines
  • Excess Fiber

5. How Long Does it Take to Recover from Piles Surgery?

The duration of recovery from the best piles treatment in Bangalore depends on what are the side effects you are facing after the procedure. Usually, patients face some light bleeding and clear or yellow fluids from their anus. This effect is most likely because it happens every time a patient goes for a bowel movement.
To recover completely after the best treatment for hemorrhoids may take 1 to 2 months. However, after 1 to 2 weeks, the patients should be able to do most of their normal activities.

6. What are the Various Treatments Available for Piles?

Lifestyle changes
This can be the most effective anus fistula ayurvedic treatment and safest as well. The best piles doctor in Bangalore initially recommends treating piles by changing the lifestyle. The main reason piles occur is due to the strain during bowel movements and which is a result of constipation. A change in diet and a mannered lifestyle can keep the stools steady and soft. This required eating more fiber that is found in fruits and vegetables or primarily eating bran-based breakfast cereals. Also, lots of water must be consumed every day.
A few medicinal options also work as the best piles treatment in Bangalore and help in managing the symptoms of piles. Pain relievers, Stool softeners, and Corticosteroids are some of the medicinal options.
Surgical options
Undergoing a surgical procedure can also be the best treatment for hemorrhoids.
These surgical procedures are:

  • Banding:
    Here the best piles doctor in Bangalore places an elastic band around the base of the pile, cutting off its blood supply. Hemorrhoids will naturally fall off within a week.
  • Sclerotherapy:
    Under this surgery, the doctor will inject medicine into hemorrhoid to make it shrink and eventually shrivel up. This is effective for grade II and III hemorrhoids and is an alternative to banding.
  • Infrared coagulation:
    During this procedure, a surgeon will operate through an infrared light device to burn the hemorrhoid tissue.

7. Is Ayurveda treatment good for piles and fistula treatment?

Anus fistula ayurvedic treatment is one of the effective methodologies for treating fistula in the anus. Vedam Ayurveda multispeciality hospital has successfully cured lots of patients suffering from piles and fistula giving them instant relief and minimal chances for reoccurrence of the condition.
Fistula ayurvedic treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedure
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Minimal chances of recurrence and infection
  • Zero side effects
  • Quicker healing and recovery from piles

8. What happens after the operation?

Once you are done with the best treatment for piles you may start feeling better within the first week. This is possible only if you can maintain your diet and do soft and regular bowling. The healing after the operation would be difficult if the stool is hard or you need to strain during bowel movements.
To get better results from the best piles treatment in Bangalore try to avoid constipation during your recovery procedure. Most patients are able to go back to carrying out non-strenuous activities a week after treatment. You should maintain your diet so that you are able to continue all normal activities within two to three weeks of treatment.

9. Can piles be cured permanently?

There are different methodologies related to the permanent cure of piles. It takes the following different methodologies to end the piles forever. There are several home remedies and medications available anus fistula ayurvedic treatment which can prevent the piles or hemorrhoids from growing worse, and not cure them permanently.
As per today’s scenario, Laser surgery is considered the most effective and the best treatment for piles. Thi surgery is most suitable, works fast, and helps in curing piles within just 3 days. This is a daycare surgical procedure under which the affected area is treated with laser energy carefully and specifically without giving pain or discomfort to the patient. Also, laser treatment cost in Bangalore is very reasonable and one can undergo this treatment easily.
Laser treatment for piles is most suitable because:

  • There is no need to do stitches
  • It is a 30 Min Procedure | 1 Day Hospitalization
  • One can go back to work within just 2 days.

10. How do doctors test for piles?

The best piles doctor in Bangalore generally diagnoses piles after carrying out a physical examination.
For external piles, a doctor will examine the affected area of the anus with gloves in hands. The doctor may interrogate patients about:

  • Any close relative having piles
  • Mucus or blood while bowel movement
  • Any recent weight loss
  • Any changes in bowel movement routine
  • The color of the stool

In the case of internal piles, the best piles doctor in Bangalore may conduct a digital rectal examination (DRE) or use a proctoscope. A proctoscope is a hollow tube fitted with a light. It allows the doctor to see the anal canal up close. They can take a small tissue sample from inside the rectum for analysis.

11. Is external piles curable with laser surgery?

Yes, external piles are curable with laser surgery. Laser surgery is the best piles treatment in Bangalore that helps in reducing the amount of blood flow by blocking the blood vessels and tissues. The laser treatment does not affect the tissues around the hemorrhoid in any way. The benefit of minimum bleeding makes laser treatment the best treatment for hemorrhoids.

12. Are there any side effects with the ayurvedic pile's treatment?

These problems are easily cured with anus fistula ayurvedic treatment without zero side effects. Fistula ayurvedic treatment uses the application of kshara paste and Kshara Sutra ligation which have been proven safe and effective. If your practitioner or doctor has advised any herbal supplements or medications, make sure to question the potential side effects of those supplements. The best piles doctor in Bangalore will be able to provide you with detailed info about your diagnosis and other medical conditions that need to be considered before using Ayurvedic medicine.

13. What is the duration of laser piles surgery?

Generally, laser surgery for piles takes about 45 minutes to complete all procedures. Some surgical methods might take a duration between a few days to a few weeks to completely recover compared to which laser surgery is a better choice. With laser the best piles treatment in Bangalore, an individual can continue regular work-life with just two or three days of rest, provided that person is not suffering from any medical condition that does not alter the post-surgical results. Once the laser surgery for piles is completed, the patient is allowed to go home either the same day or the next.