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Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that occur in the anus and lower rectum. They can be external, appearing around the skin of the anus or internal, arising in the lining of the anus, or rectum. Hemorrhoid swelling occurs when there is an increase in the pressure in the small blood vessels causing them to swell and engorge with blood. The major causes of hemorrhoids include prolong constipation, poor dietary habits, lack of consumption of water and straining while defecating. The complications of hemorrhoids can be prevented by treating the hemorrhoids at early stage.


Laser proctology refers to the treatment of diseases of colon, anus and rectum via laser application. Haemorrhoid, fistula, fissures, polyps and Pilonidal Sinus are a few diseases that are effectively treated using laser techniques. Laser treatment for piles and fissures are increasingly used to successfully treat them in both men and women.


One such outcome of technological improvements is laser surgical treatment, which is non-invasive, inflicts no blood loss or pain in the patient, and guarantees quicker recovery than any other existing surgical procedure.


Fistula in ano is considered to be complicated and vicious due to its nature of recurrences and exacerbations.

Ayurveda has described explicitly the surgical procedure to be undertaken for each type of Bhagandara.

The track after probing has to be “laid open” and the internal opening identified is cut by the knife; or else, Agnikarma (type of para surgical procedure in which thermal cauterization of tissue or body part is done akin to moxibustion) or Kshara (caustics) should be applied. This is the general surgical procedure for all types of Bhagandara.

Why Choose Laser Treatment:

  • < 30 minute laser procedure
  • < 1 cm cut / incision
  • Minimal Infection Risk
  • Day procedure / 24 hours hospitalization
  • Resume normal routine in 48 hours
  • No recurrence / re-appearance

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Effect of ayurvedic treatment  on fissure in ano

In Ayurveda, a fissure in ano is described by the term  parikartika.

Fissure-in-ano has become most common and painful condition in ano-rectal disease

Physical examination  Inspect the anterior and posterior aspect of anal canal by gentle stretching.  It  is  better  not  to  perform  per  rectal  digital examination in acute fissure in ano.

Inspection of t he fissure in ano  Chronic  fissure  in  ano  is  characterized  by  presence  of  large fibrosed ulcer along with sentinel tag  at  outer end in  skin and  a hypertrophied anal papilla in  inner  aspect covered  by  mucosa.

Treatment in ayurveda for fissure in ano

ambulatory, OPD procedure that is a good alternative to surgical management. 

The benefits of ksharsutra ligation include: ·

No need to get admitted in hospital · No post-operative bleeding as the wound is secured from all sides · Minimal pain on account of release of sphincter spasm  · Minimal  medicines  are  required  and  local  treatment  is sufficient · Resume of duties at the earliest · Cost effective procedure · No  untoward  effects  were  noted  and  quality  of  life improved.

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