Signs And Negative Consequences of Fat Gain

Obesity is a condition characterized by the excess accumulation of fat. Genetics and unhealthy lifestyle habits are some causes of obesity. Obese people have a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 30. To know your BMI, you have to divide your height by your body weight. An individual with a BMI in the range of 25 to 29.9 is said to be overweight and they should start ayurveda therapy for weight loss at this stage.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment

Also, if obesity is left untreated, it can lead to a host of health disorders. These include Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure levels, high LDL cholesterol levels, heart-linked illnesses (including heart stroke and coronary heart disease), gallbladder disease, and Osteoarthritis (the deterioration of cartilage and bone in the joints). Obese people are advised to take ayurvedic fat loss treatment to lead a healthy life.

Additionally, obesity can lead to respiratory disorders, which affects the individual’s ability to perform daily tasks. Ayurveda fat loss treatment at Vedam Ayurveda can help to treat obesity effectively, thereby improving your overall health.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Obesity Weight Loss Treatment

As part of weight loss treatment, the medical practitioners at Vedam Ayurveda prescribe many medicinal plants, including Brahmi, Triphala, and Garcinia cambogia. Moreover, herbs and spices can help obese people get rid of their excess fat. Incorporating black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, fresh curry leaves, and mint into their daily diet is beneficial for them, too.

At Vedam Ayurveda, the ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight also includes the use of herbs such as black cumin (Kalonji) and Kino tree (Vijaysar).

Guggul is another ayurvedic herb for ayurvedic weight loss. It is a type of gum resin that is sourced from the Commiphora Mukul tree. This herb not only helps to reduce body fat but also treats fat metabolism issues.

Ayurvedic Treatment at Vedam Ayurveda

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment at Vedam Ayurveda is all about losing weight gradually. The first step is to make small changes in your daily diet and lifestyle patterns. This includes eating fruit for breakfast or cooking yourself a healthy lunch meal. Additionally, obese people should get enough sleep, refrain from smoking and drinking, and engage in physical activity when they adopt ayurveda and weight loss practices.

Besides that, ayurvedic weight loss treatment entails balancing your dosha for your overall well-being. Yoga and meditation are some ways to balance your dosha. Also, when you feel balanced, you can maintain healthy habits, making it easier for you to keep your weight down.

Ayurvedic Fat Loss Treatment Procedures

Many people have opted for ayurvedic weight loss treatment to manage obesity and witnessed good results. The combination of herbs, spices, yoga, and dietary changes is the best mantra to lose weight.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment

Ayurveda and weight loss practices

Ayurveda fat loss remedies include fasting. It helps people to lose weight because they consume less food, and subsequently reduce their calorie intake.

1. Try Fasting

Ayurveda fat loss remedies include fasting. It helps people to lose weight because they consume less food, and subsequently reduce their calorie intake. If you want to try fasting for weight loss, you can consult the medical experts at Vedam Ayurveda, who specialize in ayurvedic fat loss treatment. Only make sure you do not fast frequently for long hours because it causes dehydration and nutritional deficiencies.

2. Decrease your Calorie Intake

Ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight does not prescribe eliminating fats or carbohydrates from your diet completely to reduce obesity. A better approach is to maintain a calorie count to keep your weight down.

3. Practice Yoga

Under ayurveda and weight loss practices, yoga is perceived to be an effective way to lose and manage weight. The medical professionals at Vedam Ayurveda teach many yoga asanas for managing obesity. Obese people are even advised to practice pranayams as part of ayurvedic fat loss treatment. Doing so helps to increase their stamina while cleansing their respiratory channels.

4. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Among Ayurveda and weight loss practices, the healthcare specialists at Vedam Ayurveda encourage obese people to lead a healthy lifestyle. As part of a healthy routine, they should eat a balanced diet and sleep well. On the other hand, unhealthy lifestyle habits can lead to irregular sleep patterns, whereby they tend to eat more and put on weight.

5. Refrain from carbohydrate-rich vegetables

When you approach Vedam Ayurveda for ayurveda therapy for weight loss, the medical specialists will recommend you to reduce your consumption of carbohydrate-rich vegetables and rice. Managing obesity then becomes easier.

Ayurvedic Fat Loss Treatment Benefits

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment at Vedam Ayurveda offers a range of benefits

at Vedam Ayurveda offers a range of benefits Ayurvedic weight loss treatmentAyurvedic weight loss treatment at Vedam Ayurveda offers a range of benefits

A. Improves Metabolism

Body massages with therapeutic herbal powders are part of Ayurveda fat loss therapy at Vedam Ayurveda, leading to a higher metabolic rate and burning of more calories.

B. Reduces Fat Accumulation

At Vedam Ayurveda, the application of herbal powders under ayurvedic weight loss treatment is common. Such practices help to create friction, which leads to the breakdown of fat. This way, the body utilizes the body fat more effectively.

C. Aids Digestion

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment at Vedam Ayurveda includes dietary recommendations and herbal supplements. This helps to improve digestion, enhance metabolism, promote the absorption of nutrients by the body, and eliminate toxins from the body.

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Ayurvedic Weight Loss Dietary Recommendations

Diet is an important constituent of ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight. Some dietary suggestions for obese individuals when they have enrolled in the ayurvedic weight loss program at Vedam Ayurveda are as follows


As part of the Ayurvedic diet for weighct loss, you must consume foods rich in proteins. You can then reduce your appetite and hunger levels.

Herbs & Spices

The intake of herbs and spices helps to lose weight by satiating the appetite. So, when you feel full for a long time, you consume less food and calories. Also, consuming hot peppers and other seasonings helps to manage obesity by supporting your metabolism.


Some herbs and spices are good prebiotics, which increase good gut bacteria. Prebiotics help to reduce inflammation, enrich your mood, and boost your immunity levels.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good sources of carbohydrates and you can benefit from their consumption during the ayurveda fat loss treatment phase.

Whole Grains

Quinoa and brown rice come under whole grains; they help to nourish the body with fiber and protein.

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FAQ’s Of Aurvedic Treatment For Reducing Weight

1. Why Ayurveda for weight loss?

There are many reasons to choose ayurvedic weight loss treatment at Vedam Ayurveda. Our unique approach to weight loss helps to balance the 3 doshas, including vata, pitta, and kapha. As such, we address the underlying causes of weight gain for holistic healing. We treat hormonal imbalances, sluggish metabolism, and poor digestion with Ayurvedic practices. Moreover, we recommend leading a healthy lifestyle for weight management. Also, we advise yoga, pranayama, and an Ayurvedic diet for reducing obesity.

2. Can Ayurveda reduce belly fat?

Ayurveda fat loss therapy is designed for getting rid of excess belly fat. Along with consuming Ayurvedic medicine, you should practice yoga and eat healthy foods to lose weight. Moreover, the medical practitioners at Vedam Ayurveda recommend being mindful of what you eat. As such, you should eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.

Among weight loss measures at Vedam Ayurveda, you should also eat small meals at intervals of 3 hours to counter obesity. Besides, Ayurveda recommends adding lime and honey to a glass of lukewarm water and drinking the mix on an empty stomach as part of weight loss treatment.

3. Types of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatments?

At Vedam Ayurveda, we deploy a range of ayurvedic weight loss treatments. We encourage people with obesity issues to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. We advise them to get adequate sleep and drink a lot of water. Furthermore, we suggest they do not consume alcohol or smoke.

Also, we advise them to eat as per their body type or dosha because it guides their eating patterns. Moreover, we encourage them to fast to reduce their calorie intake while taking the necessary precautions. Additionally, yoga poses and herbal supplements are other weight loss remedies that we promote.

4. What is the correct way to lose weight permanently?

Quick fixes and fad diets are not advised for people battling obesity. Rather, they should enroll in the weight loss treatment program of Vedam Ayurveda. We treat obesity by addressing the underlying issues that cause weight gain.

Healthy eating and lifestyle habits are a good way of losing weight permanently. You must incorporate healthy foods into your Ayurvedic diet for weight management. A balanced diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates, herbs, spices, prebiotics, and whole foods. Additionally, ensure to engage in physical activities to boost blood circulation. Moreover, engaging in yoga helps to keep the mind, body, and soul in sync. Also, herbal supplements can help to improve metabolism and digestion.

5. Can obesity be cured by Ayurveda Fat Loss Treatment?

Yes, Ayurveda weight loss treatment measures are effective in managing obesity. Ayurveda principles cite the buildup of toxins to be the main cause of obesity. To correct this imbalance, the medical professionals at Vedam Ayurveda suggest a combination of lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, dietary changes, and Panchakarma treatments.

At Vedam Ayurveda, we offer personalized treatments, depending on the individual’s physical condition. We target the specific imbalances and lifestyle factors that are the root cause of obesity. Our Ayurvedic practices help to raise the metabolic rate, aid the digestion process, and improve overall health.

6. Is an Ayurvedic diet good for Fat/Weight loss?

Vedam Ayurveda recommends Ayurvedic weight loss treatment as a holistic approach to fighting obesity, which includes consuming a balanced diet. An Ayurvedic diet focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and natural fat. Further, you are advised to practice yoga to improve body balance. Also, the intake of herbal supplements is beneficial for proper digestion and effective nutrient absorption. In all, the combined approach of yoga, meditation, healthy diet, and physical exercise can help to overcome obesity and maintain overall health.

7. Best Hospital for Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment?

Enroll in the Ayurvedic weight loss treatment of Vedam Ayurveda to treat obesity permanently. With our holistic approach to obesity management, you can lead a healthy life. We reckon an integrated approach that includes herbal supplements, meditation, yoga, a balanced diet, and fasting as a permanent cure for obesity.

The advantages of our Ayurvedic fat loss remedies are manifold. You can improve digestion, increase metabolism, and reduce fat accumulation in the body with Ayurvedic principles.

8. is Vedam a good option for Ayurvedic Fat loss treatment?

Vedam Ayurveda is ranked among the top hospitals for ayurvedic weight loss treatment. Our Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic techniques can help in effective obesity management. We recommend a host of herbs and spices to treat diseases linked to fat metabolism and excess fat accumulation. Also, we encourage obese individuals to engage in fasting to reduce their calorie intake. Moreover, we advise them to avoid foods rich in carbohydrates to control obesity. Besides, they can benefit by adopting an Ayurvedic diet, which includes eating healthy and avoiding processed foods.

9. How to Contact Vedam Ayurveda for Fat Loss Treatment?

Contact Vedam Ayurveda for ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight if you want to lose weight and manage obesity. We are located at #125, 7th Main, 1st B Cross Rd, BTM Layout 1,Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029. You can call us on our contact numbers +91 7090000218 and 080-41202911 to book an appointment, too.

Alternatively, you can go to the “Contact Us” page on our official website, to fill out the Contact Form to schedule your appointment. Many people with obesity issues have approached us for Ayurvedic fat loss treatments and recovered well with our Ayurveda cures.